How exactly do you get “called” to a place?


I wrote most of this last night when I was kind of in the middle of a hissy fit. I wasn’t going to post it because I really don’t want to offend anyone and I am usually on my best behavior on here. But it makes me laugh and, well, I would enjoy reading it on someone else’s blog. So please don’t take me too seriously and if swearing offends you leave! now!


I have been reading the blog of Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary. It’s my new favorite thing. This comment was on her first ever post …

how exactly do you get “called” to a place? at least in your experience. I am always so confused by that Christian jargon of being called to places and would like to know more about it because I don’t know when I am called or when I am going on my own. ~K

Well, you know K, if you asked me this question I would tell you truthfully … neither do I. I pretend I do but most of the time I haven’t the faintest idea. I am just as confused as you are. I think I am supposed to act all confident because I read the Bible and pray a lot and read deep, thought-provoking Christian books and blogs that teach me the ‘lingo’ but really, I am stumbling through life doing the best I can just like everybody else.

To me, being “called” simply means hoping like hell God is in on my little plan and some what approves. I’m sure this is not right K, but there you go. I try hard to look for God signs, I try hard to wait patiently, I try hard to believe and then act, I try hard to follow the rules but really I am walking down a road and I can’t see around the next turn. For all I know it’s a dead-end (which, for the record, would be mighty disheartening). But it is my best effort at loving God well, so I keep walking anyway.

One thing that has helped me to know if God is in on my ‘calling’ might surprise you a bit K. It certainly did me.

Throwing out the rule book and being a little bit brave.

Throwing out the rule book K! You got that part right?

Like maybe when you get fed up with all the stupid shit ‘Christians’ are saying on facebook and write a post about loving your neighbor as yourself and getting over your arrogantness that you know everything there is to know and quit being a dick to the people you are supposed to be loving and serving.

Okay so maybe I didn’t say it quite like that, but guess what happens when you are a little bit brave like that K?

Besides everyone you know thinking you have lost your mind?

God applauds and cracks open that door you have been staring at for 6 months because it’s not about saying or doing the right thing, K (who even knows if I’m right, it’s just what I think) it’s about standing up by yourself and doing the brave thing. I know it’s a crazy concept but to be “called” to pretty much anything you have to actually LOVE people, I mean like really love them K, and sometimes that means standing up for the ones being treated unfairly, even if the ones doing the unfair treating is basically everyone you know (especially then K, especially then). You have to be faithful in the little things. It’s the little things that get you closer to being the person who is finally ready to walk through The Door.


I wrote that last night K and I didn’t know how to finish it (or if I wanted to. I think the “shit Christians say” and “being a dick” parts might get me called all my names by a certain husband, even though it is totally his fault I think in swear words. He’s the one that moved me to a military town during my impressionable years). Then I read another blog post today by Donald Miller and you know what K? I think maybe we have been looking at this whole “calling” thing all wrong. I think we both need to stop asking ‘how’ and start asking ‘why’. Not how do we know God is “calling” us to this or that, but why would He?

You know the number 1 reason why I think God is “calling” me and my family to be missionaries? Because we want to be missionaries K.

And shouldn’t that be enough?


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One Response to How exactly do you get “called” to a place?

  1. theworthlesswonder says:

    I feel the same way. I am glad to hear others who aren’t sure. It would be so much easier of God would just tell me my purpose out loud, but I suppose life isn’t easy.

    I sometimes think in swear words, too. Ha!

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