What is saving my life right now …

A friend. One I don’t know well and don’t spend a lot of time with but every time I see him, he blesses me. Every. single. time. He swept in the other day and dropped a few words that reached right out and soothed my soul. How does he do that? Because I want to be like that.


This quote I found on Pinterest …

because ain’t that the truth!


Sitting at the kitchen table, playing a game with my 8-year-old and he lets one rip. Laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath. Not because I think farting is particularly funny but he does and his laughter is contagious.


This book …

because I forget sometimes that I can’t earn it.


The texts I get from my husband every morning he is out-of-town …

because I am a girl in love with her boy.


Walking through my living room with my first cup of coffee and hollering over the cartoons, ‘Untie your sister. It’s too early to be tying people up.’ And then taking a picture …

because I might forget this.


This song …

because it makes me want to be better.


This blog post …


because I am not alone.


This face …

because I almost lost it.


Thank you God. For everything.

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3 Responses to What is saving my life right now …

  1. Love it! … I’ll disagree with you more later… 😉

  2. Beautiful post. Ragamuffin Gospel is one of my very favourite books, too. Grace in it all.

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