Missions letter sent!

Man, am I glad THAT part is over with! Sending out this missions letter was so over-the-top hard for me. Asking for help does not come easy to me. I wring my hands and fret and put it off … until finally I can’t take one more person asking if I have sent it yet and just do it.

I have pride issues.

And what people will think of me issues.

But then I remember WHY we are going and WHAT we will be doing and WHO we will be helping. I remember that I didn’t come up with this idea – this was God’s idea. Am I going to say ‘Yes!’ or am I going to say ‘ No, I don’t want to do that.’ I will always say yes. It may take me a minute but Jesus did tell us to count the cost after all, didn’t he? šŸ™‚

I have gotten A LOT of encouragement along the way ….

Of course, John and Mandi – no missions trip without them! And no letter without Mandi’s talented self helping me write it.

Autumn and Philip Wilkins were so helpful and even in the midst of moving their family of 6 to Prague to plant a church, took the time to read our letter and give us awesome tips and the encouragement that I can never get enough of.

Our pastor from our beloved little church in Texas, Jason Bay, has the most amazing gift for giving encouragement that I have ever seen! He has also been a major help on how and what and when and where. And he always lets us know how much we are missed – which is huge for me.

My sister-in-law, Chesica – I don’t know how she knows exactly what it is I need to hear but her words help me more than she will ever know.

And so many others – Misti, Andy, Mike, Suzanne, Crystal, Pat, Shari … the list could go on and on!

Thank you all so much for your love and your never-ending encouraging words. We could not do the hard stuff without you!

**big sigh of relief** Now it’s in God’s hands – the rest is up to Him šŸ™‚

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