“the purpose of life is to discover your gift.
the meaning of life is giving your gift away.” ~Katie Davis

I was talking to my missionary friends, John and Mandi, on Skype one night. They told me about M. M is a mother who is missing an eye because she is a failed abortion attempt. She tried to sell her daughter to a white missionary for $20. Not because she is a bad mother. Because she is a desperate mother that can not feed her children. She knew her daughter would have enough to eat with the white missionary and with the $20 she would be able to feed her other children.

My thoughts have been consumed with M.

I can’t even watch those end of the world apocalyptic movies Chris likes because when they get to to point of no food being in the grocery stores, I shut down. I cannot imagine a world that my babies come to me for food and I cannot feed them. This is the worst thing I can imagine ever happening to me. At night I lay in my comfortable bed, with my full belly, and cannot stop the tears for this woman that I don’t know.

My heart breaks for her.

And that is when I start to pray for things that really matter. That is when I stop thinking of myself. That is when I start to really love.  A love I can’t explain. A love that does not make any sense. The kind of love Jesus gives me everyday. The kind that says move. Now.

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